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A Computer-controlled Precision Coil Winding Machine for less than $150

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Or for free, if you have an old CNC router lying around.

This is work in progress...

I purchased a very cheap CNC 3018 router with a G-code programmable controller running "grbl 1.1". This provides almost all the components you need to build a computer-controlled coil winding machine, able to wind perfect coils up to 35cm (14") long with a diameter of up to 20cm (8"). If you have a longer lead screw assembly, you would be able to wind much larger coils.

Software which runs on Windows is under development. The software will even estimate the resistance and inductance of your coil, and calculates the number of turns needed for a specific inductance, according to the coil diameter, wire gauge and core material.

Watch this space! Just one or two technical improvements to make, and the ski season has started which may delay things a bit...


coil-1     wire-1


The cheap router and its USB-connected controller running grbl 1.1, less than $150...

cnc-1     cnc-2


Up next: The Toroid Coil Winder, an innovative design based on the same components and software