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Album View

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The Album View is useful if you prefer to browse pretty pictures instead of boring old lists of tracks. It shows the album art for every album, if it's available. This view is opened using the Track view's context menu command 'Show Album View', or by pressing F8 to switch between the Album and Track views.

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Albums are sorted in ascending alphabetical order by artist name. The artist and album name are shown below the album's image. The 'selected' album is highlighted in blue.

You can scroll up or down by dragging the scroll bar on the right, or by using the Page Up, Page Down. Select an album using the Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys. You can also press a letter keys A..Z to move to the albums by artists beginning with that letter, e.g. press 'Z' for 'Zaney Janey'.

You can double-click on an album to switch to the Track view and select the album so you can view its tracks.

You can play the selected album using the context menu's 'Play Album' command, by pressing F9, or by drag-and-dropping the album onto the Music Player.

As usual, you can maximize, minimize or resize and position the window to suit your screen layout.

The displayed album art is chosen using a specific sequence, see How MuMan finds the album art. If it can't find the album art, then it displays the default image file called "Default.jpg".

Tips: You can also use ".png" or ".bmp" image files too, but these can be large. ".jpg" is best for both size and quality. You can replace "Default.jpg" with any image you like, you will find it in the MuMan installation directory.


Right-click to open the Album View's context menu:

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The context menu commands are:

Track View


Toggles between the Track View and the Album View.

Play Album


Adds all the tracks on the album to the Music Player cue list.

Select Album in Track View


Switches to the Track View and selects the album.

Choose Album Art


Opens your browser to display a selection of images of the album cover. Use this if the "Default.jpg" image is shown because the album doesn't have any album art yet.

Discogs Info


Opens your browser and finds the album on the Discogs website. This shows everything you will ever need to know about the album.

Open Folder


Opens the directory on the drive that contains the album's tracks.

Thumbnail Size


Selects the size of the album art picture. Smallest is 64x64 pixels, largest is 256x256.