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Discogs Info

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Discogs     See https://www.discogs.com

Discogs is a comprehensive music database and marketplace. It provides discographies for all the music labels, artists and releases, all cross-referenced. Discogs also represents private buyers and sellers from all over the world. If you want to buy or sell a CD or vinyl, this is the place. You can create a Discogs account for yourself, which enables all its features, just press the green 'Register' button.

MuMan can search Discogs for the Artist and Album name of the selected track. Select a track on the album and use 'Library Management > Discogs Info', or press F11. This displays the result in your browser. You can usually find everything you'll ever need to know about the album, and more.

Tip: If the search finds too many albums by the wrong artists, you can edit the search text to be more specific, by adding a track name etc.

Here's and example 'Discogs Info' result, this album has many releases:

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Album details:

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This application uses the Discogs API but is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Discogs. "Discogs" is a trademark of Zink Media, LLC.