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Filter by Properties (F2)

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Normally the Track view shows all the tracks in the library. You can choose which tracks are shown in the view by using the 'Filter by Properties' command (F2). This opens the 'Filter by Properties' dialog box where you can select which Genres, Moods and/or Star Ratings of the tracks to be displayed. To filter by a word or substring, use the Filter by Text command (F3).


(If all of them are checked, then all tracks are shown. It's the same as Unfiltered.)


For example, you can display all Rock + Heavy tracks which are Good + Brilliant if you happen to be entertaining your local chapter of Hell's Angels (or your mother-in-law).

Check or uncheck the All checkboxes to check/uncheck all the items in the group.

When a filter is active, a check mark is shown next to the Filter by Properties entry on the context menu.


Use the Unfiltered command or press key F4 to turn off the filter and re-display all the tracks.


When the track list is filtered, the text "FILTERED" is also shown on the title bar:



Press OK to activate the filter, or Cancel to do nothing, leaving the current filter (if any) active.