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Filter by Text (F3)

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This feature filters the Track view to show only the tracks which contain the 'Text To Find' in their Artist, Album, Track and/or Year columns.



Artist, Album, Track and Year checkboxes

These checkboxes select the columns to be searched. The other columns (Stars, Genre, Mood etc) cannot be searched - for these you can define a filter or sort by pressing the column header button. At least one checkbox must be checked or you will receive the usual insulting error message.

The text comparison is not case sensitive. If 'Match whole word' is not checked, the text will match the letters in any part of a word. For example, "bum" will find "album", "bump" and "bumper", but "antidisestablishmentarianism" will probably not match anything. If 'Match whole word' is checked, I leave it as a exercise for the user to find out what happens.

If there are no matches, then the view will be empty. Remove the filter by pressing the 'Unfiltered' button or F4.

Tip: You can filter by Style, Mood or Rating using the Filter by Properties command.

Match whole word

If checked, then the 'Text To Find' must match an entire word, not just part of the word.


Tough one this. As a wild guess, I would say it removes the filter, so all the tracks are displayed. You can also remove the filter by using the context menu's 'Unfiltered' command; by pressing F4; or by smashing up your computer with a hammer (not recommended).

Apply Filter

Filters the view by finding the text in the columns to search. Only tracks containing the text are shown. To show all tracks, press the 'Unfiltered' button'; use the context menu's 'Unfiltered' command (F4).


Closes the dialog box. The filter remains active. Remove the filter later by using the context menu's 'Unfiltered' command (F4).