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Remove Selected Tracks

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Please use this command carefully! Particularly if you have just got back from the pub.


This removes the selected tracks from the database, and optionally deletes the music files themselves from the music directory - but only if the option "Delete the files and move them to the Recycle Bin" is checked.

As you may have guessed, deleted files are placed in the drive's 'poubelle de recyclage', from where they can be recovered if you made a mistake and deleted all your mother-in-law's favorite tracks.

If you delete too many files, it may overfill the Recycle Bin and some files may not be recoverable. If you foolishly delete your entire music collection, or re-format your hard drive by accident, then you're stuffed, see Disclaimer. But hopefully you have made a backup using MuMan's indispensable Backup Music Files feature, phew!

With luck, you can't delete the track which is currently playing. But I haven't tried that yet, it could be fun...