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Window Layouts

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You can modify the sizes and positions of almost every MuMan window according to the size and resolution of your screen. The layout is saved, and restored when it is re-opened. The positions of most windows are remembered.

The picture below shows a typical layout, with the Album Art window top right, and the Music Player window below.

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You can re-size the column widths by dragging the column separator between the headings, or right-click on the column header to open the 'Show/Hide Columns' menu.

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The splitter bar between the upper Tracks view and the lower Playlist view can be dragged up or down.

You can press Ctrl+L to change the track list view's font size (small/large), and you can have different column widths for each font size.

Double-click on the Album Art window to maximize/restore the Album Art window, which is useful when playing because the album art is displayed for the track which is playing.

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