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Sound Devices

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The Windows 'Sound' device settings can be used to configure the sample rate and bit depth of a recording device.

These settings are displayed by pressing the 'Sound Devices' button or via the 'Sounds' task bar menu, right-click on the Speaker icon on the task bar.

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The sound device settings window has two important tabs. The 'Playback' tab shows playback devices like Speakers and Headphones. The 'Recording' tab shows recording devices like Line input or Microphones.

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This window also shows the channel's volume in the VU meter on the right, so you can see if it's registering any sound.

To configure a device, select it in the window and press the 'Properties' button. This opens another tabbed window. The 'Advanced' page has the features to select the sample rate and bit depth. You should configure this before you start recording because this defines the recording quality. A higher sampling rate will produce much larger raw recording files. If creating MP3 files, 16-bit 44100 Hz is usually fine. For WAV or FLAC files, you may want to use 24-bit 96000 Hz or greater. For simplicity, MuRec always records in 32-bit IEEE float format even if the input bit depth is lower.

Note! If you save the final files as uncompressed WAV files, they will always have the same sampling rate as the original recording, because transposing the sampling rate would distort the recording.

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