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CD Player

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You can listen to all or parts of any track on the CD using the built-in CD player. This is useful to find out if the tracks are worth ripping. You can listen to them first, and decide whether or not to throw the CD in the trash instead of adding it to your distinguished music collection.

CD Player

The built-in CD player has the usual play, stop and pause buttons, followed by the previous/next track buttons, 30 seconds back/forwards buttons, and eject. The eject button does the same thing as the "Eject" button at the bottom of the main window.

Below the buttons is a slider which you can click on, or drag the blue box, to move quickly to any part of the track.

The player state, track number and current position on the track (minutes:seconds) are shown in the status text above the buttons.

The CD player is disabled while ripping.