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Find Artist+Album/Barcode On Discogs

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Discogs        See https://www.discogs.com

Discogs is a comprehensive music database and marketplace. It provides discographies for all the music labels, artists and releases, all cross-referenced. Discogs also represents private buyers and sellers from all over the world. If you want to buy or sell a CD or vinyl, this is the place. You can create a Discogs account for yourself, which enables all its features - just press the green 'Register' button.

Discogs does not use the disc IDs. Instead, you can use the Artist and Album names, or the Barcode, to find the CD. This often finds several releases of the CD. There are two Tools menu commands: 'Tools > Find Artist+Album On Discogs', and 'Tools > Find Barcode On Discogs'. These commands use the entered Artist and Album names, or the entered barcode, to find the CD on Discogs and display the results in your browser. Using the barcode can find specific releases, the Artist+Album often shows many releases.


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In the example above, you can see the search query that was created (https://www.discogs.com/search/?type=all&format=cd&barcode=194398377322), and the 'Applied Filters' showing the barcode and cd format.


This application uses the Discogs API but is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Discogs. "Discogs" is a trademark of Zink Media, LLC.