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Waveform View

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The waveform view is available after the track has been ripped, if the CD is still in the drive. MuRip stores the waveforms of the last CD ripped. Open the waveform view for the selected track by pressing the 'Waveform...' button.

The view shows the waveform of the ripped track, with read errors marked in red. You can click just before the error to play the audio and determine if the read error is noticeable. A wide red line means that there are multiple errors in that area and it will probably be noticeable.



Read errors are usually caused by a scratched CD. Sometimes CDs containing badly generated electronic music may show errors because the sound wave is DC (direct current) in places, which is not real audio. You can assume that these will not be audible.
Some modern (blu-ray) DVD drives have such fine lasers that they have trouble reading audio CDs accurately. In this case, using an older computer with an old CD drive could be a solution.

MuRip will abort if a fatal unrecoverable read error occurs. But you can force it to continue after a fatal error by checking the unique Continue ripping after fatal error option. See the stimulating Damaged CDs with fatal read errors section. If you force it to continue, you will see a waveform which shows the parts that could not be sampled as a thick red line. These sections will play as silence, without the lambs. Or was it "The Silence of the Wolves", no, "Dances With Lambs"? I'm confused, it's getting late...




Plays the track from the beginning. To begin playing from any point, just click the mouse on the waveform where you want the playback to start. A moving vertical line indicates the play location.


Stops the cacophony.


If you have trouble understanding what this button does, please call our free international 24-hour help line (where 24 hours is the average time you will have to wait for an answer).


If you are reading this, then I suspect that you probably already know what this button does.