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Damaged CDs with Fatal Read Errors

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CDs with minor blemishes can usually be read without errors due to the CD reader's error recovery features. CDs with major damage will cause a fatal read error (e.g. "cyclic redundancy check" failure), and the rip will be aborted because the track would be incomplete and unplayable. But with MuRip, is it possible to force the reader to continue even after a fatal error, by checking the Continue ripping after fatal error option. Note: This option is valid only for one session. It is turned off when a new CD is inserted.

This CD with nasty scratches produced the waveform below, with 27840 errors (!). Unreadable parts of the track are shown as a thick red line in the waveform view, and will be silent when played. Only the scratch marked in red caused a problem because it is parallel to the track data. The other scratches did not cause any read errors.

Tip: If you want to test this, don't scratch your favourite CD, use your Bryan Adams CD instead.




Warning: Tests have confirmed that some CDs cannot be read by MuRip, see Disclaimer.